Milan Stojanovic

Software Engineer



Second-generation American, college grad, and computer nerd - born and raised to a (very) Balkan family in the charming city of West Allis, WI.

Mechanical Engineer turned Software Developer with several years experience in Quality Assurance - pivoting my way into a career that capitalizes on my skills, and merges them into something cohesive and rewarding.

With a passion for STEM, creation, and a drive for continuously challenging and improving myself - I am confident that my cross-functional engineering background and proven team-work skills will make me a versatile utility to any team.

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What I Do

Mechanical Engineering

• Mechanical Design
• Thermofluids
• SolidWorks/Creo
• Finite Element Analysis
• VBA/MS-Office Suite

Quality Engineering

• Manufacturing Concepts
• Inspection Process Design
• Process Improvement
• LEAN/6σ
• Kaizen

Front-End Development

• JavaScript
• Bootstrap
• React
• Qt

Back-End Development

• Java
• Python
• Arduino/Raspberry Pi


What I've done
Software Development

Flow - Production Management

Developed a full stack ASP.NET Core web-application capable of tracking shop progress, visualizing shop data, and providing an interface for shop-floor personal to log work/quality-issues.


• Full-stack application development.
• C#, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
• Anything is possible with code.

production management software
Quality Engineering

Inspection Process Optimization

Championed a Kaizen event that delivered on reducing mfg. inspection tollgates by 20% and checklist sign-offs by 25%.

What I Learned

• Analyzing production data for gaps.
• Running a Kaizen Event.
• Level-setting is critical to a team's success.


Fire Extinguishing Robot

Team project to design and build an Arduino-based robot to roam, target, aim, and extinguish flames detected with sensors.

What I Learned

• Mechatronic design.
• Motor, sensor, and control systems programming.
• Testing a robot that shoots water is a messy process.

Software Engineering

Human-Machine Interface Programming

Developed a graphical user interface for a lock cycle testing fixture using a Raspberry Pi, Python w/ Qt, and a Gecko drive.

What I Learned

• Control logic and UI programming.
• Driving servo motors with PWM.
• The right code can add value to any application.

Mechanical Engineering

Finite Element Analysis

Project to analyze and improve a bicycle drive-train. Analysis provided an optimized material reduction of 30%.

What I Learned

• FEA in Creo Parametric.
• Reverse engineering components for analysis.
• "In theory, theory and practice are the same."

Quality/Mechanical Engineering

Test Automation Development

Refurbished and programmed an abandoned six-axis Motoman robot to utilize in product cycle testing.

What I Learned

• Test design, automation and improvement.
• How to get a Yasakawa Motoman up and running from scratch.
• Anything can be self-taught.


  • Software Engineer - Northwestern Mutual

    Software Engineer on Information Solution Design (ISD) team. Building skills in SQL stored procedures, data governance, and mainframe (DB2 z/OS).

  • Dev10 Consultant - Genesis10

    Software Development/Engineering consultant for Milwaukee based Genesis10 clients.

  • Dev10 Trainee - Genesis10

    Selected to join the December 2020 Milwaukee Cohort for the Dev10 Program. Consultant training in Java and React Full Stack Development.

  • Student - devCodeCamp

    12 immersive weeks of hands-on software development training.

  • Quality Engineer - SPX Transformer Solutions

    Quality engineer for transformer coil winding, insulation-fabrication, and external-component assembly processes. Lead a cross-functional team in the development of corrective/preventative actions to reduce non-conformance's.

  • Quality Engineer - Masterlock Corporation

    Learned and performed the basic roles of a Quality/Reliability Engineer. Actively participated in test development and several continuous improvement projects.

  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Student

    Bachelor of Science, Engineering (3.3 GPA). Member of UWM Prototyping Club


WhAT I Enjoy


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Places I've Been

  • Pictured Rocks, MI
  • Chalkidiki, Greece
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Yellowstone National Park, MO
  • Badlands National Park, SD


Sounds I Like & Create

  • House/EDM
  • Hip-hop/Rap
  • Guitar
  • Harmonica
  • Drums


For my deserted island...

  • Chess
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Counter Strike: GO
  • Rocket League
  • Left 4 Dead 2


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